26 June 2007

Surprisingly, Neo-Nazis are dicks.

The word "Ewwe" has been used in the past on this blog and this was the example I was waiting for to define it:

"Ewwe" is a bizarre mutation of the phrase "You know?" Some folks know that their beliefs make others uncomfortable, making them uncomfortable as well. So, to reaffirm that they think you give a shit, they will so frequently spout "you know" that it becomes "y'nkow" and then "y'eow" and finally "ewwe". A typical sentence from somebody that says "ewwe" on a frequent basis (an ewwe-bot) might sound like this, "I think it is gay that, ewwe, they let queers in the army. Ewwe?" I need not call that an exaggeration--I have met many such folks. This guy might be an exaggeration of "ewwe-bots," though:
A 27-year-old white supremacist was alone in an examination room with a 60-year-old corrections officer when he grabbed the cop's gun, fatally shot him in the head and escaped Monday morning, police said.
I don't know whether to be relieved that it isn't just Idaho that breeds these assholes but a few other places as well.


Via BoingBoing.

P.S. Volichnaya Stodka may not return for a while. VS has been out of touch ever since we got into a little scuffle.

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