05 June 2007

Pickle Surprise

I want to venture a guess and say the pickle can not be found.
[Tom Rubnitz was] a quintessential New York underground film/video artiste, the late Tom Rubnitz took a bite out of the Big Apple and spat it out in a wild kaleidoscope of unequivocal camp and hallucinogenic color. Ann Magnuson, the B-52s, The "Lady" Bunny, and the late John Sex are but a few of the stars that shine oh-so-brightly in Rubnitz's glittering oeuvre. A genre artist par excellence, Rubnitz treated the sexy-druggy-wiggy-luscious-desserty qualities of the '80s downtown club scene with the loving care only a true hedonist could show. Rubnitz died from an AIDS-related illness in 1992.
Taken from Video Data Bank

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