30 May 2008

3 things I want to get out of the way...

Fuck wine.

Fuck Canadian Mist

Last of all... DOUBLE fuck Skyy...

25 May 2008

Honey Moon

Do you like summer ales? I know I do. A beer you can open up, drink directly from the bottle on a hot day is a good thing. That's what surprises me about Honey Moon, from the people who brought you Blue Moon. It's a citrusy summer ale that tastes close to Blue Moon, but doesn't require the orange and the glass to fully enjoy.

Enjoy some outdoors, enjoy some brew.

I made a pitcher...

...thanks to this blog!

20 May 2008

Google drank too much.

I don't think Image Labeler helps a whole hell of a lot in cases like gle>ooooooooooG.

16 May 2008

clint eastwood

He's a bit of a cunt, but we all love him.

Hopefully he won't die soon.