27 December 2007

An orange...

...fit for the Goatse to eat.

Yes, I own this horrifying orange. It may have cracked the lens of the camera that was used. I know I felt a cold wind when I turned my back on this hideous bastard.

If you don't get the joke about the layout or goatse, you can still save yourself by never looking at the internet again.


17 December 2007

Poop Round-up

"Poop" as a keyword on YouTube yields the best videos on the entire web-site. Proof:

16 December 2007

Phoenix Wrong

I haven't played Phoenix Wright yet, but I hope with every ounce of my being that it is even remotely like this.

15 December 2007


Brought to you by the GIMP

05 December 2007

Fuck you Dinosaur! FUCK YOU!

Somebody thoroughly abuses a robot dinosaur.

Click the picture if you like abusing dinosaurs.

02 December 2007


This shit still doesn't make sense after drinking absurd amounts of Tecate.