27 June 2008


Sooooo I started playing the original Resident Evil on the DS and really like it. Same cheesy cut-scenes from the Play Station and awful voice-acting make it fucking hilarious to play. Cacpcom also integrated a bunch of DS-specific mini-games that make the puzzles a bit more interactive than feeling like zombie-themed Microsoft solitaire.

Also, the game is worth playing just so you can hear Barrie mention the JILL SANDWICH! I drew this picture to properly illustrate what happens during a JILL SANDWICH! so you can avoid/pursue JILL SANDWICH!



18 June 2008

A blob makes a very bad UNIX life decision.

Though I made this drawing in Inkscape, colored, and added a few things I cannot take credit as the original author of this high-larry-us comic. My boss found it on StumbleUpon and could not track down the URL. Still, I wanted to trace and color this comic.

*If you're the original creator, email me!

15 June 2008

Can't say I have

I'd assume it would hurt. A lot.

12 June 2008

No video yet

I took my .44 out yesterday (it was mightily delicious! Loud, accurate, and the most fun I've ever had shooting any gun) but neglected to bring my video camera. I will have to shoot some video of this hand-cannon firing during my next adventure. Until then, John Locke will fucking kill you:

09 June 2008

Got a New Toy

I got this last week and plan to take it out in the next few days. It's a Lew Horton M29-5 .44 magnum. It's probably 20 years old, but looks brand new. I am slightly nervous to shoot it, but it's the same kind of nerve you get when driving a really, really nice car. However, what's the point of owning a Bentley if you can't drive it yourself? I not only own this gun, but I'll shoot it.

Video later this week.