30 June 2007

Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

This is an OLD video, but I still enjoy it! Lemon Demon and Trapezoid have made a lot of cool stuff together, and I can't wait for the next cartoon to come out (whatever that may be...).


Also, if you want to listen to the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny on CD, they've got copies of Lemon Demon's latest CD with all kinds of other tracks included:


Transliteration goof-up

Looks like when Alex transliterated the text for when we started this blog, he screwed up. While we are still shiznas.com, we changed the Cyrillic title to be accurate:


The old title was:

сицназ (sitsnaz)

Why this matters, I'm not sure, but Alex had me change it.

Na naaaaa na na na na Beautiful KatamarWii!

Yes, that title was over-the-top. Being the only Wiiaddict here at Shiznas, I feel compelled to report on this stuff.

Namco has announced that they are dropping development of their PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari and refocusing efforts on a Wii version (!). The bad news? The original creator of Katamari Damacy will not be involved...

Anybody remember how fucked up Metal Gear Solid 2 was compared to Metal Gear Solid when Hideo Kojima distanced himself from the project? I can smell rehash and lack of creativity. But I can also smell shoving a Katamari with a Wiimote!

(I hope the King of all Cosmos comes equipped with new tights. I'm not buying it unless that bastard has disgusting spandex.)


Don't know about Katamari? Click here.

Everything you ever wanted to know about tagging but were afraid to ask.

I've always thought that well-done graffiti helps to brighten things up. My town is a common stop for a lot of freight trains, so I see a lot of tags from around the country that are far more impressive than the crap on the walls here that people attribute to "gangs".

"Tiny" shows us she ain't no toy after the jump.


27 June 2007

My computer lost USB :(

I am using an ASUS T3-M2NC51PV and it has been a great little computer until recently. The USB died on it and it killed the card readers with it (same internal device). I have already tried throwing on different versions of Linux on a live CD and it doesn't do anything to remedy the situation. I have yet to strip this thing down to the bare essentials to see if I can spot a problem, but I doubt I will find anything. Both the front and the rear connections are down so it can't be the funny little card on the front came undone (it is screwed in, after all!). I haven't been able to try updating the BIOS either, ASUS is not giving me any help with how to do this under Linux. ASUS hasn't supported me on another one of my purchases as well so I have lost my confidence in the company. While I love their products, their support is even worse than Sony has been for me(!).

Link to where I purchased this kit.

I hate the iPhone.

Don't get me wrong, I own an iBook and there are a couple of iPods running around my house, but I just don't like the iPhone. Neutered version of Leopard, stuck with proprietary apps, and a rather small hard drive means it will make either a great MP3 player or a decent PDA.

Meanwhile, the Open Moko project is going to give us a very functional Linux distro that is wide-open for developers. It will undoubtedly get some cool apps, and on top of that, it is a technological powerhouse that could keep up with the iPhone for less money, and without a horrid service contract with AT&T!

So, why am I so adamant about the iPhone? I want to get on Fox as the only person in the world that hates the iPhone:


Shittiest flight ever.

This story is all over the internet, but it's not on our blog yet!

Remember that movie Snakes on a Plane? This be Shit on a Plane. It needs very little supplemental explanation as there is already an article from one of the passengers about the shit that attacked them.


26 June 2007

Surprisingly, Neo-Nazis are dicks.

The word "Ewwe" has been used in the past on this blog and this was the example I was waiting for to define it:

"Ewwe" is a bizarre mutation of the phrase "You know?" Some folks know that their beliefs make others uncomfortable, making them uncomfortable as well. So, to reaffirm that they think you give a shit, they will so frequently spout "you know" that it becomes "y'nkow" and then "y'eow" and finally "ewwe". A typical sentence from somebody that says "ewwe" on a frequent basis (an ewwe-bot) might sound like this, "I think it is gay that, ewwe, they let queers in the army. Ewwe?" I need not call that an exaggeration--I have met many such folks. This guy might be an exaggeration of "ewwe-bots," though:
A 27-year-old white supremacist was alone in an examination room with a 60-year-old corrections officer when he grabbed the cop's gun, fatally shot him in the head and escaped Monday morning, police said.
I don't know whether to be relieved that it isn't just Idaho that breeds these assholes but a few other places as well.


Via BoingBoing.

P.S. Volichnaya Stodka may not return for a while. VS has been out of touch ever since we got into a little scuffle.

22 June 2007

[DIGG] O'reilly mutes commentator (again)

Hrm, Digg fucked up my last post, so I'll post it again:

Where does Fox find it's Liberal commentators? He didn't even have to push the mute button to turn them into punching bags! I hate to say it, but everybody on that panel might have been able to split a brain-cell between themselves. Bill O'Whiney and two "liberal rhetoric" stereotypes. Where'd all the decent progressive commentators go?

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Boys on Wheels.

you know it shouldn't be funny but i died laughing. these guys know how to take life though thats for sure.

here's some more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCxDZRJKkqY

Russian paratroopers and the shit they break over their head...

There is an apparent meme among the Russian VDV and breaking shit on their heads. First there was the guy that broke 24 beer bottles over his head and fell asleep, as well as reports of them breaking bricks (!) over their heads. Well, now we have photographic proof of these "bricks". From Red-Army-Family:

Whether you tried sometime to break a brick a hand or a head? And meanwhile, that favourite representation of commandoes on holidays. It very much is pleasant to spectators.

Also liked hands break boards and break bottles. Whether there is here any secret? Perhaps, at them especially strong heads?

The secret is. It consists that practically everyone men has enough force to break a brick. And the secret consists in not were afraid to strike. It is necessary to concentrate not on an obstacle, and that is behind it.
Probably, in life always so: if you want to earn one million - you should aspire to earn 10 million. (sic)
There you have it.


what rap use to be

you know for some reason old school rap makes me feel good inside. WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Hey assholes! You want a rocket?!

EnglishRussia posted this photoset of home-brew "land torpedoes" that Russian soldiers made during the second world war. They were made out of wood and TNT...


How to safely ship a man in a rubber suit.

BoingBoing had a link to this interesting site. Curiosity got the best of me and I saw a photo tutorial about how to take your rubber-suited man, stick him in a metal cage and ship him safely.

Click here for rubber-suit-man shipping tutorial.

Duke Nukem plays WOW.

What is there to say besides, "Oh snap!"
....Ewe I want a Vee Dub....

21 June 2007


Hey everybody! What's geekier than a Tux the Penguin tat? Give up? A tattoo of Tux the Penguin dead because you're the 1337est shit that ever walked the face of the earth!

I can't tell if they're joking or serious. If they are joking, it's so over the top it's not funny; if they are serious, it's so over the top it is funny. LinuxSucks.org is a community dedicated to... hating Linux. They're primary motivations seem to be that Windows XP is the best operating system ever--Uh, let me double check that:


Some fifteen years ago, before Free Software was Open Source, and before the release of the best operating system ever, Windows XP *, even before the release of the pityful Windows 95, a couple of hundred twenty-something basement hackers were aiming for WORLD DOMINATION with an even more pityful concept of a command-line, white-on-black terminal operating system: Linux.

(* This is not to say Windows XP can't be improved. Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided making it worse and calling it Windows Vista is a better approach. Go figure.)
Yeah, somebody who speaks in the third person and thinks he is Dolph Lundgren said that Windows XP is the best operating system ever. This at first led me to believe the whole thing is a joke, but the tattoo image above leaves me wondering. Somebody decided they wanted a picture of Tux the Penguin dead on their arm for the rest of their life.

Getting back on track, their primary complaints about Linux are that it wants your permission to keep folks from fubaring your system, it's icky that you don't have to restart your system very often and that Linux has some features that mimic other operating systems. Strangely enough on the about page, they complain that Linux should be more like Mac OS. Equally strangely, the whole site runs off of a Linux server, probably Apache.

In conclusion... WTF?

20 June 2007

Snorg Tees girl

You know the one. If we were taking a vote for most prolific, nameless web-celebs, either she or the Goatse would get it. However, she has been disqualified from that aforementioned competition: her name is Alice. Not only that, but Alice has a fan club.

This begs the question: "What's the deal?" Snorg started advertising pretty much everywhere on the web and overnight "Snorgtees Girl" was born. She even uses the pseudonym for her Myspace account!

I worry for Snorgtees Girl. B3TA and the Real Doll Doctor might team up. It's only a matter of time before they get the idea...

Russian MVD are helping to defend US borders!

Russian graphic designer takes a shortcut...

read more | digg story

Homebrew Mercedes

EnglishRussia has a link to somebody converting a Suzuki into a Mercedes "G-Class". Mercedes is my car of choice but I can't help but fall in love with the ingenuity of the maker! That and it is probably a lot more affordable to repair their "G-class" than Mercedes's stupid-looking Humvee.


Who the hell is Andrew Keen?

VS messaged me about 14 separate times this morning about this guy, wanting to know more about him. I am now proudly standing up and saying, "fuck you diarrhea! I'm seizing the day!"

VS first saw mention of this Andrew Keen on Digg. He would be like any other "OHNOES! NETS ARE IN MY BASE KILLING MY DOODS!" variety of breathless, anti-web commentators, but he cites the fact that he was a dot-com exec to earn him some credibility.

His main arguments against the web are:
  1. Supporting mass-collaboration makes you a communist. (OH NOES!)
  2. Experts in proprietary fields (holders of intellectual property and copyrights) yield no benefits. (OMG!)
  3. It is too good to be true. (WTF?!)
I got those three things, ironically, from Wikipedia. Even though I over simplified his arguments against the Web, we can see why he is kicking up such a stink about the web. I saw this gem in Wikipedia as well:
He started audiocafe.com in 1997 with funding from Intel and SAP, but it closed in 18 months, earning him a place in the Fucked Company Hall of Fame.[3][4]
That's right, he was a failed dot-com exec. He worked on some other projects later, but AudioCafe stands out in my mind from a few years back. However, contrary to the thesis of his book, it was not mass-collaboration but an even bigger corporation that probably destroyed AudioCafe; Amazon.com. AudioCafe sold high-end audio equipment which is usually firmly in the court of Amazon and a few other tight-fisted retail sites. It was pure rat-race capitalism that destroyed his business, not the Digg mafia.

His other argument about the poor, starving experts is that the web is damaging their credibility. Taken from his blog (how twisted and ironic is that?!) I have a more substantial portion of his take on people using the Internet to supplement:
The crazy utopian of the World is Flat, has finally sniffed reality. Tom Friedman, praise the lord, has finally become a skeptic of all this web democracy.

We've all acquired dog's hearing, he told us. Which means that we've become acutely sensitive to information about ourselves. Everything is personal is the global information age. It's democratic narcissism, Google style. Friedman borrowed Linda Stone's notion of "continuous partial attention" to explain our descent into this canine inaninity. The only thing we can concentrate on is what other people are saying about us. What Friedman once saw as a flat world has acquired a billion inaccessible peaks.

The climax of Friedman's talk focused on the flattening of truth and fiction on the Internet. He told the story of Muslim woman in the Middle East who was against Al Gore because he was Jewish. When he tried to correct her, she refused to believe him:

"But I read it on the Internet," she insisted.

Friedman has got the species right, but the body part wrong. It's not dog's hearing that we've acquired -- but a canine soul. I read it on the Internet has become the equivalent of a dog's faith in their master's voice.

Wow. I do see a couple of problems here. The first assumption that Andrew makes is that the internet takes over people's minds and makes them into agenda-gobbling zombies. The second assumption that he makes is that the internet turns people's minds off. I know for a fact that there is an overabundance of people on the Internet who do not fact-check information, do not understand what they are reading or simply don't care. For these folks, I want to say the Internet is not at fault. A tool cannot be blamed for the way it was used, the NRA has overemphasized that point for us on many occasions. In the case for the woman cited above, arguing that Gore was Jewish, Keen makes the false assumption that there was no other cause for her ignorance than the Internet. Could it have been her culture that emphasized distrust of Western media? Could it be that she didn't like Gore anyway and it was easy for her to identify with the one guy that said "lol gores a jew"? Keen cannot be certain.

Also, the integrity of mass-collaboration comes to play. The oft-cited Wikipedia-Britannica study sheds the most light when it comes to mass-collaboration versus peer-reviewed and strictly-edited content. Mass-collaboration works great, is quicker, stays current longer and is much more efficient than peer-reviewed content. The only difference is that nobody (except the telcos) walk away with a big, fat check. So I don't think it's necessary to argue against it. We have a self-sustaining method of disseminating information that only empowers the uneducated instead of punishing them.

Web 2.0 is that good and it is true. The Internet is here. I'm using it, you're using it, and Andrew Keen is using it. (How's that, VS?)


BoingBoing has a follow up about Clay Shirky fighting off the anti-web losers:


Commodore 64 goes USB

This may as well be an Altair, because it is before my time, but I still enjoy reviving old electronics. From Symlink.dk:
This all started when some friends from Press Play on Tape (the Commodore 64 Revival Band) asked if I could help them create a special input-device for controlling their stage show (mostly a laptop controlling a video projector). They would like to have an old-style C64 (breadbox) on stage, and being able to control their stage show with it. My first idea was to use the keyboard controller I have been working on for my MAME cabinet SpiffMAME. This implements the PS/2 keyboard protocol by bit-banging in an Atmel AVR microcontroller. Unfortunately it is not finished yet, but I promise I will make a page about it when it is done. It turned out that PPOT were not too keen on a PS/2 device, since the laptop they use does not have a PS/2 port.
I dig the rat's nest of wires behind the keyboard.

Via Make: link

Steampunk Electronics

Alex is feeling a bit under-the-weather today so I'll present a few links to stuff I found around the web.

BoingBoing had a link to this photo collection from Wired that got me drooling. I wanted to do something similar to my laptop a year or two ago, just not anywhere near this level of sophistication!

While on the topic of Steampunk, the Steampunk Workshop stands out:


19 June 2007

Huzzah! Email is safe again!

I read this on BoingBoing this morning and gave a little cheer:

Update On 6/18/07: Sixth Circuit issues opinion upholding district court's injunction against secret warrantless seizures of email

In Warshak v. USA, EFF is fighting to make sure that your email is as safe against government intrusion as your phone calls, postal mail, or the private papers you keep in your home.

This case was brought by Steven Warshak to stop the government's repeated secret searches and seizures of his stored email using the federal Stored Communications Act (SCA). In a landmark ruling, the district court held that the SCA violates the Fourth Amendment by allowing secret, warrantless searches and seizures of email stored with a third party.

The government, which has routinely used the SCA over the past 20 years to secretly obtain stored email without a warrant, appealed the decision to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. That court is now primed to be the first circuit court ever to decide whether email users have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their stored email.

In a friend-of-the-court brief, EFF and a coalition of civil liberties groups argue in support of the district court's ruling. Email users clearly expect that their inboxes are private, but the government argues the Fourth Amendment doesn't protect emails at all when they are stored with an ISP or a webmail provider like Hotmail or Gmail. EFF disagrees and argues that the Fourth Amendment applies online just as strongly as it does offline.

This is quite a milestone for the EFF maybe they can hit another home run for us.

16 June 2007




This shouldn't be [that] funny, but it gives me the giggles. I'm a big fan of LOLCatz, so LOLHamas is the next fucked-up-logical step.


15 June 2007

VDV paratrooper breaks 24 beer bottles over his noggin.

This is dreadfully old news, but I realize MosNews (a really entertaining news site based out of Russia) has gone down the crapper. So, I went to the google cache and copied the body of the story out:

Drunk Russian Paratrooper Breaks 24 Bottles Over His Head and Falls Asleep

Created: 26.04.2006 16:22 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 16:22 MSK


At his birthday party, a paratrooper from St. Petersburg, fresh home from his 2 years of military service, broke 24 bottles against his head before sinking to the floor in a drunken stupor.

The young man had served in the Russian Air Force, considered the army elite, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily said Wednesday. He was having a birthday party with friends, when one of the guests asked whether he thought he could break a brick over his head.

The young man, annoyed by the doubt thrown on his abilities, made a bet for a box of vodka that he could, before setting off to look for a brick. However, finding no there were bricks in his apartment, he went for the next best thing — empty beer bottles.

He was breaking the 24th bottle, much to the delight of the guests, when he suddenly fell to the floor unconscious. The guests, afraid that he had killed himself, left the apartment, leaving the unconscious paratrooper on the floor where he was discovered the next morning by his parents.

The parents took the young man to hospital, where doctors said he was deep in a drunken sleep. Apart from alcoholic intoxication, the doctors found a number of bruises to the head and a concussion.

When the man regained consciousness, he refused to stay in hospital for further treatment and left as soon as he could.

"[He] made a bet for a box of vodka..." For some reason this doesn't surprise me. Not because I think that all Russians are alcoholics but Vodka probably works better than rubles as a currency in Russia.

Here is a link of the original page still available with Google cache.

More Trabant love

Also check out these links for Trabant videos:



The more I hear that tiny engine scream the more I want to get one of these little bastards.

Deutsche Demokratische Republik salutes the Trabant!

Everybody always talks about how lousy Eastern Bloc cars are... it's because they're lousy.

Via BoingBoing.

14 June 2007

Do you remember???

Do you remember the days of Pepsi blue.
When will they return? I often ask myself why we drank so much. But then again look at this guy....

Russian Ration. -MREINFO.COM REVIEW-


In case you haven't heard....

Mr. Wizard is dead.

Via Boing Boing.

Want some cheap airsoft grenades?

Perhaps the most overpriced item in airsoft are the grenades. Magazines always have a high profit margin, and even moreso with batteries, but if you get the itch to use a grenade launcher, the grenades will send your wallet back to the neolithic.

Enter UN Company. They have classic army grenades in six (6!) packs. For $120 you can get six 18 round grenades or for $146 you can get six 120 round grenades. When I get my mitts on a grenade launcher, I will have to partake.


13 June 2007

Shameless Plug


VS gets to talk about a laptop and I get to talk about shoveling ads on top of you. That little box to the right is going to contain all of our ads on this page. Blogger is nice enough to provide a free service, so all those ads will do is pay for keeping our domain name for ourselves. VS even mentioned something about donating portions of it to Linux but I think that means buying meth from a smack-cooker nicknamed "the pizza chef" from the pepperoni-like scabs falling off of their arms.

(If this were boingboing, you'd get a unicorn chaser for that.)

Anyway, that should be it for advertising since VS is in it for the fun of it and not the money. Unfortunately, I'm in it for the money. That lovely custom famas above is for sale if you follow this link.

Asus has an iBook


"Eee PC" is a fantastically stupid name for a computer but I really like the idea behind it. It's an OLPC for the first world. There are rumors circulating that these will be in the neighborhood of $200 which would be ideal for a "take anywhere laptop". Especially since it is so tiny and uses flash memory for storage. Linux and Open Source Blog has some specs for this cute machine.

It's certainly cool... but does it play Doom?

E-Types Russian Lullaby Makes Me Happy!

For the past 2 years or so I have ashamed not only myself but i have ashamed my father, and Jesus for listening to this song at least once a week. I like it. It's a half retarded song but the more you listen to it the better it gets, even though I'm not sure what it's really about.

10 June 2007

I hate World of Warcrack.

This link is all over the web by now, but I still get a charge out of it. Reminds me of so many people I know! Somewhere between hilarious and pitiful.

09 June 2007

I let Digg into my blog for this.

Now when you are being a dick to people online, you can hit them! Really, I don't know what to make of this. It's like a Rubicks Cube: It has the potential to hold your interest for hours, but all I'll use it for is ten minutes.

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What's it gonna be?

If you haven't watched this video yet, you need to.

08 June 2007

.600 Nitro Express in a Contender

This is an old video, I know, but I saw it for the first time and had a pretty good laugh. Here is a wikipedia entry on the .600 NE cartridge if you are baffled. The shock on that bearded gentleman's face is to die for; and the person that was standing behind him probably did die from a flying target pistol!

06 June 2007

Mario Party 8

I done went and bought it. I have to say, in the face of all the negative reviews, there are some real positive points for the game. The mini-games (aren't these the point of the game?) are incredibly fun. The Wiimote replaces button-mashing with wanking a glossy white remote. The non-mashing, or else randomized, games are innovative as well. My favorite are the cheesy racing games. The steering with the Wiimote makes driving a go-kart a heck of a lot more fun than the analog stick.

However, many of the negative reviews were right on a few points. First of all, 16:9 televisions make the game look like utter shit. You will have to go into the Wii Settings and set your screen to 4:3 to avoid the nasty patterned bars down both sides of the screen. After doing that, the game doesn't even look particularly nice. Also, there is the problem of some of the boards. About half of them are really, really fun but the others are about as fun as trying to sterilize yourself with a toilet seat.

Playing with friends is really fun. Mario Party 8 also makes it easier for non-gamers to join in with how simplistic the control scheme is. But, if you tend to be a hyper-competitive jerk, Games Radar has a guide for you to ensure your kicking of asses at any and all mini-games.

Overall, if you set your Wii to 4:3 (or your screen is already that aspect ratio!) this is a great game to play with a few close friends.

05 June 2007

Scary looking Chechen guns

Comrade-site English Russia has a unique round-up of weapons captured by Russian security forces in Chechnya.

I don't think I would be overly excited to shoot the impressive machine above.

View them all here.

Pickle Surprise

I want to venture a guess and say the pickle can not be found.
[Tom Rubnitz was] a quintessential New York underground film/video artiste, the late Tom Rubnitz took a bite out of the Big Apple and spat it out in a wild kaleidoscope of unequivocal camp and hallucinogenic color. Ann Magnuson, the B-52s, The "Lady" Bunny, and the late John Sex are but a few of the stars that shine oh-so-brightly in Rubnitz's glittering oeuvre. A genre artist par excellence, Rubnitz treated the sexy-druggy-wiggy-luscious-desserty qualities of the '80s downtown club scene with the loving care only a true hedonist could show. Rubnitz died from an AIDS-related illness in 1992.
Taken from Video Data Bank

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog, Shiznas. Our name comes from the Russian abbreviation for "special forces": "spetsnaz". Another way of transliterating our name (СИЦНАЗ) is "shitsnaz", a much more appropriate way of describing the shit that you might see here.