22 June 2007

Russian paratroopers and the shit they break over their head...

There is an apparent meme among the Russian VDV and breaking shit on their heads. First there was the guy that broke 24 beer bottles over his head and fell asleep, as well as reports of them breaking bricks (!) over their heads. Well, now we have photographic proof of these "bricks". From Red-Army-Family:

Whether you tried sometime to break a brick a hand or a head? And meanwhile, that favourite representation of commandoes on holidays. It very much is pleasant to spectators.

Also liked hands break boards and break bottles. Whether there is here any secret? Perhaps, at them especially strong heads?

The secret is. It consists that practically everyone men has enough force to break a brick. And the secret consists in not were afraid to strike. It is necessary to concentrate not on an obstacle, and that is behind it.
Probably, in life always so: if you want to earn one million - you should aspire to earn 10 million. (sic)
There you have it.


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