13 June 2007

Shameless Plug


VS gets to talk about a laptop and I get to talk about shoveling ads on top of you. That little box to the right is going to contain all of our ads on this page. Blogger is nice enough to provide a free service, so all those ads will do is pay for keeping our domain name for ourselves. VS even mentioned something about donating portions of it to Linux but I think that means buying meth from a smack-cooker nicknamed "the pizza chef" from the pepperoni-like scabs falling off of their arms.

(If this were boingboing, you'd get a unicorn chaser for that.)

Anyway, that should be it for advertising since VS is in it for the fun of it and not the money. Unfortunately, I'm in it for the money. That lovely custom famas above is for sale if you follow this link.

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VS said...

Hey, I said I could post about the advertising. I mean, it's cool if you post about your gun, but you kind of missed the point :/

A lot of the advertising revenue will be donations towards open source projects. In particular Sabayon Linux who is hosting a fund raiser right now:


I'll pay them $20 from my next pay check for making such a cool OS :)