22 June 2007

[DIGG] O'reilly mutes commentator (again)

Hrm, Digg fucked up my last post, so I'll post it again:

Where does Fox find it's Liberal commentators? He didn't even have to push the mute button to turn them into punching bags! I hate to say it, but everybody on that panel might have been able to split a brain-cell between themselves. Bill O'Whiney and two "liberal rhetoric" stereotypes. Where'd all the decent progressive commentators go?

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Alex B said...

That's harsh, VS. Aren't we supposed to be mostly apolitical?*

*Excludes: Guns, violence, beastiality, the revolution, sex with animals, and anything else that makes us giggle.

VS said...

@ Alex:

It's not harsh. Unlike you, I prefer not to be a sheep.

Alex B said...

Unlike you, I prefer not to be a bitch.

VS said...

Alex, keep that shit out of the blog, keep it in Yahoo.