21 June 2007


Hey everybody! What's geekier than a Tux the Penguin tat? Give up? A tattoo of Tux the Penguin dead because you're the 1337est shit that ever walked the face of the earth!

I can't tell if they're joking or serious. If they are joking, it's so over the top it's not funny; if they are serious, it's so over the top it is funny. LinuxSucks.org is a community dedicated to... hating Linux. They're primary motivations seem to be that Windows XP is the best operating system ever--Uh, let me double check that:


Some fifteen years ago, before Free Software was Open Source, and before the release of the best operating system ever, Windows XP *, even before the release of the pityful Windows 95, a couple of hundred twenty-something basement hackers were aiming for WORLD DOMINATION with an even more pityful concept of a command-line, white-on-black terminal operating system: Linux.

(* This is not to say Windows XP can't be improved. Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided making it worse and calling it Windows Vista is a better approach. Go figure.)
Yeah, somebody who speaks in the third person and thinks he is Dolph Lundgren said that Windows XP is the best operating system ever. This at first led me to believe the whole thing is a joke, but the tattoo image above leaves me wondering. Somebody decided they wanted a picture of Tux the Penguin dead on their arm for the rest of their life.

Getting back on track, their primary complaints about Linux are that it wants your permission to keep folks from fubaring your system, it's icky that you don't have to restart your system very often and that Linux has some features that mimic other operating systems. Strangely enough on the about page, they complain that Linux should be more like Mac OS. Equally strangely, the whole site runs off of a Linux server, probably Apache.

In conclusion... WTF?

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