30 June 2007

Na naaaaa na na na na Beautiful KatamarWii!

Yes, that title was over-the-top. Being the only Wiiaddict here at Shiznas, I feel compelled to report on this stuff.

Namco has announced that they are dropping development of their PS3 version of Beautiful Katamari and refocusing efforts on a Wii version (!). The bad news? The original creator of Katamari Damacy will not be involved...

Anybody remember how fucked up Metal Gear Solid 2 was compared to Metal Gear Solid when Hideo Kojima distanced himself from the project? I can smell rehash and lack of creativity. But I can also smell shoving a Katamari with a Wiimote!

(I hope the King of all Cosmos comes equipped with new tights. I'm not buying it unless that bastard has disgusting spandex.)


Don't know about Katamari? Click here.

1 comment:

VS said...

I may have to pick up a Wii if this is good...