20 June 2007

Commodore 64 goes USB

This may as well be an Altair, because it is before my time, but I still enjoy reviving old electronics. From Symlink.dk:
This all started when some friends from Press Play on Tape (the Commodore 64 Revival Band) asked if I could help them create a special input-device for controlling their stage show (mostly a laptop controlling a video projector). They would like to have an old-style C64 (breadbox) on stage, and being able to control their stage show with it. My first idea was to use the keyboard controller I have been working on for my MAME cabinet SpiffMAME. This implements the PS/2 keyboard protocol by bit-banging in an Atmel AVR microcontroller. Unfortunately it is not finished yet, but I promise I will make a page about it when it is done. It turned out that PPOT were not too keen on a PS/2 device, since the laptop they use does not have a PS/2 port.
I dig the rat's nest of wires behind the keyboard.

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