28 February 2008

Cave Story

Do you enjoy classic video games? Do you enjoy crack cocaine? You may enjoy Cave Story.

I used to be a died-in-the-wool Megaman fan and considered it the ultimate platformer, but Cave Story has turned my world view on its head. The game was designed by a single Japanese designer over the course of five years and the level of perfection in gameplay is clearly visible.

The problem is this game is addictive as hell. Speed runs are actually fun and there is a single, controlled level that is tailored for doing speed runs (example provided in the video by a VERY talented player).

Check out Play This Thing for details about how you can install an English language version.

Now why the sudden expressed interest? We-e-e-ell... You'll see in the next few weeks. But here is a hint about why I am so interested in it:

20 February 2008


Click on the above image to read about it. Why? Well I own the Fat Tire bike, of course.

09 February 2008

Close second to the best thing ever.

Via boingboing.net.


King of Assholes is being delayed due to technical difficulties. Linux is so unforgiving when it comes to dubbing sound into a video clip. However, there appears to be hope in the OpenMovieEditor project.