01 November 2007

Observation #1

I enjoy Tecate because:

1. It's the only decent thing that comes in a 6-ring anymore and I fucking hate seals.
2. It looks like I'm drinking a can of Coca-Cola from a distance.
3. It's in, like, every grocery store on the face of the Earth.
4. You can make fun of wealthy Corona n00bs.
5. It's the only thing that says "Hencho en Mexico" that probably wasn't produced in a sweat shop.


If Depeche Mode was from Mexico, they would probably drink it too, since Depeche Mode is so god damn awesome that nobody likes them because they are so jealous of how fucking incredible Depeche Mode is.

Non-sequitur post brought to you by the Advocates for Tasty-Beverage Council.

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