30 October 2007

Updates at Gunner Airsoft

Gunner Airsoft, motherpage of all things cheap and airsoft, has a shit-load of shittastic shit added to their shitty (just kidding!) catalog:

A cheapy AKS-74 made by D-Boys at a very affordable $80.00. Link.

A fugly X-47 that would make an excellent loaner for how ugly it is. Link.

An AIMS carbine with very little additional info. Link.

AKSU handguard for us VFC-lovin' folks. Link.

Not really Russian, but we love our shotguns; an uber-cheap Marushin Mossberg rip-off. Link.

We're thrilled that Russian kit is becoming so popular now. I remember spending more than $600.00 on a Guarder kit to turn my Marui AK into something more modern.

Gunner Airsoft.

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