11 September 2007

Coming Soon: Worst Chat Logs Known to Man

When I was in High School, it was before MySpace took off. Instead, the cool thing to do was to use instant messenger to network. Unfortunately me and the other shiznas didn't quite grasp the concept.
Shitsnaz: Is the universe a massive toilet because that's the only thing I can think of.
godrocks: lol
godrocks: he just did
Shitsnaz: You mean poo'd?
Shitsnaz: He Poo'd and looked down and said "I think I'll call that thing 'Earth'!"
Shitsnaz: It took him 7 days ya know
I found a selection of chat logs that I will edit for content, non-comedic grammatical mistakes, the names and to make me look as good as possible.

The Internet will never forgive us.

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