28 July 2007

Sabayon 3.4A is out and about

More old news, but Sabayon 3.4 was just released... and I still haven't installed my favorite OS of all time. Ran into the following problems:

  1. I couldn't find a high-speed method of downloading the ISO, so I ran it through bit torrent for four days. Even with encryption, my ISP cracks down on any kinds of uploads.

  2. I'm out of bread, so I couldn't buy a high-speed download or a burned DVD.

  3. After getting the ISO, my DVD burner completely died.

  4. My new DVD burner is an HP DVD Writer 300c... These are notoriously bad because they require drivers (windows only) to burn disks. Even K3B can't convince my burner it's capable of burning something.

  5. I'm out of bread, so I can't buy a new burner.

  6. I decided to use my lappy's burner, so I tried moving the ISOs I downloaded to an external hard drive.

  7. Discovered those disks (with important backups already on them) don't like files over 4 gigs. I can't reformat it, and I can't beat it.

  8. Using my XBox as an FTP server to be a middle man to play "file leapfrog" onto my laptop to burn the ISOs.

  9. I'm out of bread, so I can't buy any ammo to shoot myself with.

Seriously, I am anticipating the hell out of playing with this new release. It looks like all kinds of fun and I can't wait to try out the new version of X and especially VMWare under Windows.


x86-32 version here.

x86-64 version here.

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