18 July 2007


Gillette is the most morally repugnant company in existence. I went out to buy replacement heads for their jizzo-blasto Mach 3 and found that not only was their a confusing array of three-blade replacement heads (ranging up to five blades) but the smallest package of replacement heads is a measly four blades at $10.99! The eight blade package is a whopping $21.99.

So, I tried something new. I found that Bic makes a package of four complete, disposable, 3-blade razors for the cost of $3.99. It's still a lot for a plastic handle with three angled pieces of sharpened steel, but it isn't $2.50 just for the angled steel with a weak, plastic frame.

Lesson? In our culture, it costs less to be wasteful. You pay the price dearly for what consumers might perceive as quality and avoiding waste.


Well, at least I can shave now without taking out a mortgage.

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